Area on 44 acres NIDA improve landscape architecture. Whether the environment around the building. To take full advantage of empty space. Buildings were built to be beautiful. To create an atmosphere that will affect education. Working Environment This represents a change to the corporate culture is world class university.

         NIDA strategies for improving the quality of working life for staff and students learning . It aims to promote the development of physical resources and environment of the institution to have a good environment. To complement the outstanding scenery and landscape of institutions to be beautiful. Emphasis on cleanliness, pleasantness (Preen and Clean Campus) and the security of the institution.


         NIDA With its available tools and advanced bills to provide such benefits to students.


Living & Digital Library


NIDA Library Presentation   -  Library Website 


Modern conference rooms and classrooms


Computer Room Services

           NIDA has provided computer labs to 4 rooms share a room used for instruction, and 3 are for students to work (walk-in) 1 room, but in the case of a walk-in full and others not. teaching Will be open for students to use as well.




          To facilitate the students and staff to access the Internet and NIDAnet. Notebook computers or PDA with Wi-Fi support, it can access the Internet using NetID NIDAnet and has been going on for identification to such use.

          Installed at the transmitter. To provide a wireless network with a total of 120 points distributed in different areas across the institution, users can check the status of service. Click 


          In addition, the Institute also provides printing services through wireless network to the students and staff to facilitate the work. Detail Click!


Sports and Recreation

          NIDA has prepared a place for students. And staff exercise The Indoor Arena Outdoor Stadium Fitness as well as  Detail Click!



1) primary care by nurses. 

            Every Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 19:30 am 

            Saturday - Sunday: 10.00-16.00 

2) treatment by a doctor. The Medicine 

            Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00 am 

3) a psychiatric examination by a doctor. 

            Every Saturday at 10.00-12.00 

Public holiday **


Food and beverage stores.


NIDA Sampan building (buildings, parking).

          In addition to parking locations on campus where students can park it there. The Institute also has a 7-storey parking building can accommodate more than 700 car parking spaces and buildings with mold Navaminthrachinuthit Open University and completed. There will be additional parking for about 400 vehicles.



          NIDA has room for students and staff who wish to stay. During the study a total of 50 rooms, located at Avenida 11-12 win Fl Atthakor For more c.brouwer 02 - 727-3996.



          Interested persons can contact visit NIDA. The staff to visit groups of 10-15 people can be Cooperative Communication and Social Responsibility Section NIDA 3rd floor (parking building), telephone 02 727 3340 or 02 727 3449 during office hours.