Policy and Convention Affairs Section

          Policy and Convention Affairs Section is an affiliated section of Executive Affairs Division, Office of the President. Originally, Executive Affairs Division was approved to establish itself into division level under Office of the President according to the proclamation of National Institute of Development Administration on September 1, 2008, in which was divided into four sections; 1) Policy and Organizational Development Section, 2) Office of International Affairs, 3) Office of Student Affairs and 4) Office of Discipline and Legal Affairs. After that, there was a restructure of internal system within Executive Affairs Division to correspond with new policies and missions according to the official consensus of NIDA council (5/2010) on June 28, 2010. As a result of this, the administrative role of Executive Affairs Division was divided into six sections that could work obviously, efficiently and effectively. Subsequently, NIDA’s administrators considered that the missions of distributing policies to operational sections by meeting, seminar and monitoring of performance of Academic Center.

As a result of that, the structure of some sections needs to be modified. Not only increase more sections but also decrease the sections to support the escalated missions. Executive Affairs Division has assignments as follows;

1. Dean/Director meeting

2. Administrative Dean/Director meeting

3. Administrative executives meeting

4. Research and Academic Service

5. Monitoring of performance of Academic Center


          From mentioned assignments, three of them are to communicate the executives’ policy to other levels of operational sections according to their roles, and also to monitor the performance of NIDA executives in overall and in detail of administration. Research and Academic Service is to control and monitor the progress of Academic Center’s performance. Therefore, the institute finally restructured the assignment in order to enhance the effectiveness. To sum up, Dean/Director meeting, Administrative Dean/Director meeting and Administrative executives meeting combined with Global Conferences and Seminars Section, and Policy and Organizational Development Section. Then, the section changed to new section; Policy and Convention Affairs Section.


Role and Mission

Policy Communication : developing system and strategy to introduce the policy to every level of officers, monitoring the performance and concluding the analysis for information feedback and policy review

Policy Development and Initiative :  holding the seminar for NIDA administrators, coordinating to implement the policy and coordinating the operations with related sections according to government policy

Executive Secretary :  as secretary of the President and Vice President to scrutinize letter/document before presenting to consider, examine and command, to prepare the materials for the meeting, arranging an appointment, welcoming visitors, and coordinating between administrators and executive members.

General Administration : being responsible in general administrative tasks