Office of Student Affairs


Office of Student Affairs, Administration Division 

          Office of Student Affairs is a sectional work unit committed to play a significant part in supporting the Institute’s production of graduate students at both Master’s and doctoral levels so that these students gain knowledge along with ethics.  In addition, they will have wisdom, enthusiasm for learning, systematic thinking, strong discipline, and good health. Also, the universal experience, public consciousness, and social responsibility instilled in these students will enable them to realize the value of natural resources and local wisdom. To serve these purposes, student activities are used as a medium in broadening the students’ real-life experience and active learning.       

          Office of Student Affairs is thus a work unit which is dedicated to enhance quality of living for better learning of NIDA students and happier working of NIDA personnel who will then enjoy pleasant environment and adequate welfare. To achieve its main targets in firmly uniting current students and the Institute via constructive activities, the Section is divided into four different teams as follows:      

•Activity Support Team  

•Student Welfare Team

•Counseling Service Team  

•Administrative and General Affairs Team 



Office of Student Affairs, Administration Division, Office of the President 




1.1 Vision

          This work unit functions as the center in organizing numerous student activities, e.g. fitness and welfare. These extra-curricular activities are aimed at developing NIDA students to have three salient features: quality, morality, and value.  

1.2 Mission

          The Office primarily focuses on instilling and promoting value, consciousness, and determination in NIDA students so that they can develop the nation by using Thai culture and arts as strong foundations. While service-mindedness is ingrained in NIDA employees, their active participation is firmly developed and valued. These missions are believed to eventually bring about the best benefits to society, fostering the country’s sustainable development.

1.3 Value

          Office of Student Affairs is a work unit of which working process is to encourage students to undertake student activities for all. Beyond that, this procedure is in agreement with the Institute’s KPI in student development activity. The exercise program is thus provided to promote better quality of life of the students and personnel to be physically and mentally healthy and strong. All services are also provided to raise the students’ value and consciousness of national development on the solid basis of Thai culture and arts.         

1.4 Objective

- To provide NIDA students and employees with more convenient and expeditious services and welfare. The quality service will give positive attitude/viewpoint to students as valuable customers. Such good experience will make all students feel proud of the Institute, thereby extending their impression to other prospective students.     

- To promote as many students as possible to assist in organizing activities and to stimulate their active participation. All these student activities will enable students to gain hands-on learning experience and to uphold their self-development.      

- To grow NIDA students’ wisdom, judgment, systematic thinking, and problem-solving with prudence and sensibility.   

- To develop and raise the quality of life, personality, and adaptation of NIDA students so that they can live their life in society with contentment. Student activities will tremendously contribute to NIDA students’ good health and personal well-being.  

- To make NIDA students realize the value of natural resources, arts and culture, and local wisdom. They will then possess consciousness and potential in crating activities benefiting society as a whole. NIDA students are developed to be proud of their Thainess, to be able to use Thai wisdom in developing their country in accord with His Majesty the King’s “Sufficiency - To inculcate and promote religious virtues in NIDA students so that they have morality, ethics, discipline, concentration, and leadership. As a result, they do everything for the good of all students.    

- To set up guidelines for directing NIDA implementation in compliance with its strategic plan for student affairs development.  

- To adjust the operational concept in line with changeable direction of NIDA’s Implementation Plan B.E. 2551-2554 (2008-2011) and eight strategies specified in the Long-term Development Strategy of the National Institute of Development Administration B.E. 2551–2565 (2008-2022).