Office of International Affairs

          Established on 28 October 1993, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) is an independent work unit under the supervision of the Office of the President. It is responsible for the following missions:

 1. Coordinate and run numerous projects in collaboration with foreign countries in different areas including education, training, personnel/student exchange, site visit, conference, and other academic activities at regional and international levels.

2. Conduct formal ceremonies, e.g. receptions, site visits for foreign guests, etc. OIA also facilitates passport and visa application, work permit, and other consular affairs necessary for foreign academics and students.

3. Carry out budgetary work and work out a negotiation budget at institutional level. OIA is responsible for both budget allocated by the government as well as other funding sources and other budgetary matters related to foreign affairs.   

4. Assume overall responsibility for secretarial work pertaining to international scholarships, trainings and site visits in foreign countries for both NIDA personnel and students.   

5. Coordinate and facilitate all foreign academics and students with their accommodations and adaptation to a new environment.  

6. Allow access to the database involving international studies such as activity announcement, higher education information, and academic exchange in foreign countries for both NIDA personnel and students.

7. Coordinate, monitor, and evaluate international collaborative projects and other foreign activities of the Institute for effective planning on the whole.

8. Coordinate with other work units related to international affairs of the Office of the Higher Education Commission and other universities in Thailand and abroad.



“Towards the Internationalization of NIDA with Professionalism and Strategic Partnerships"

          Office of International Affairs is a work unit which supports and incorporates all academic endeavors in three main domains including study, research, and higher education development between the Institute and other agencies both domestically and internationally.