Office of Discipline and Legal Affairs


          Office of Discipline and Legal Affairs is the work unit which offers legal services. Initially, the Office was established as a work unit called “Discipline and Legal Affairs” under the “Official Affairs Section,” Central Division, Office of the President. In general, the team was responsible for drafting and reviewing regulations/bylaws of the Institute. It also drafted and verified contracts into which the Institute entered with outsiders. The Team also dealt with correspondence in terms of legal argumentative issues with internal/external organizations, provided legal consultancy and official regulations/bylaws, as well as contacting and coordinating officials in the justice procedure. In addition, the “Discipline and Legal Affairs” Team was responsible for forcing to leave service the person who breached his/her study/training leave and compensation contract with NIDA. In addition to these routines, the Team took responsibility for other special assignments. 


          In 1988, Office of the President underwent its restructuring and, therefore, renewed its work segmentation. The once “Official Affairs Section” was transformed into “Official Affairs Department,” but was still under the supervision of Central Division, Office of the President. The “Discipline and Legal Affairs” Team still belonged to this newly renamed department. Later in 1996, NIDA removed the “Official Affairs Department” out of the Central Division and raised its position to be under the direct supervision of Office of the President. The Vice President for Planning was authorized to oversee this work unit. At this point, “Discipline and Legal Affairs” was still included in the “Official Affairs Department.”    


          After that, NIDA’s workload related to human resource management became greater in number, more intricate and complicated in implementation. Even worse, a great number of laws, rules, criteria, and guidelines had double standard. In other words, some could be applied to some people and not all. NIDA, thus, saw it was imperative to adjust the organizational structure of the “Official Affairs Department.” The Institute had a viewpoint that such restructuring could assist the Department, which had a limited number of personnel, in performing its duties with higher efficiency and better quality in line with the changeable situation. In the Announcement of NIDA Board of Regents dated 30 May 2003 on Segregation in the Office of the President, “Official Affairs Department” was raised and became “Official Affairs Sector.” The Sector held its position equivalent to a division. “Discipline and Legal Affairs” Team remained a section under this sector, but with more specific duties and responsibility as follows:       


“Discipline and Legal Affairs” Team


1.Discipline Section

1.1 Discipline exertion

1.2 Appeal and complaint

1.3 Conduct legal proceedings in case that a civil servant violates his/her study leave contract 

1.4 Coordination in civil and criminal cases

1.5 Coordination for law enforcement

1.6 Liability for wrongful acts of NIDA officials


2.Legal Affairs Section

2.1 Draft and consider drafted laws, rules, regulations, and bylaws

2.2 Consider and judge legal issues

2.3 Juristic action related to contracts


          In 2007, the National Institute of Development Administration had a project to analyze the workload, duties, and structure of the “Official Affairs Sector.”   As a consequence, different jobs in the Sector were re-subsumed. In this regard, “Discipline and Legal Affairs” Team was removed from the Sector. According to NIDA Announcement dated 23 January 2007 on Work Segregation in the Office of the President, “Discipline and Legal Affairs” Team became an official work unit under the supervision of the Office of the President directed by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs.     


          In 2008, for greater efficiency and expertise in administration, NIDA had a policy to retransform job segregation in the Office of the President. For that reason, the “Administration Division” was a newly established work unit under the supervision of the Office of the President. In accord with an Announcement of NIDA Board of Regents dated 1 September 2008 on Work Segregation in the Office of the President, “Discipline and Legal Affairs” Team became an office under the “Administration Division” and has performed its tasks thereunder ever since. 




          “Tenacious to serve and perform legal tasks in order to support the Institute’s missions in a righteous and fair manner in compliance with legal profession, good governance, and integrity. “



           “To provide legal services with transparency at all stages, to file appeal and complaint, to instill honesty, to promote disciplinary action, and to use these virtues as mechanisms in ethics management.” 



1.  Provide legal comments for the administrations’ consideration and decision-making.

2.  Offer comments, suggestions, and guidelines in problem-solving related to practices of law, regulations, bylaws, and code of conduct officially stipulated by the government and the Institute.

3. Prepare and review drafted laws, regulations, bylaws, announcements, and contracts in compliance with Rules of Law and facilitate the implementation to achieve its goals. 

4. Create confidence in neutrality and transparency of exercising disciplines, handling appeal and complaint, and dealing with liability for wrongful acts of NIDA officials. These proceedings shall be performed by adhering to correctness of all implementation stages throughout a particular course of action while strictly protecting and retaining the rights of all related parties.      

5. Settle the lawsuit and coordinate police officers in the judiciary process to protect rights and benefits of the Institute.   

6. Act as a role model of work units which abide by honesty, morality, and ethics, whereby a network of fully transparent government offices is formed.  



1. To provide legal services and recommendations in an accurate and expeditious manner. 

2. To operate the ethical system with impartiality, transparency, accuracy, and timeliness.  

3. To retain the rights and benefits of the Institute in lawsuit settlement.

4. To promote the Institute’s administration system which is completely precise, transparent, and verifiable.



         Office of Discipline and Legal Affairs is a work unit under the supervision of Administration Division, Office of the President.The Office is comprised of two teams and one unit.

 - Discipline Team: This section is responsible for discipline exertion, appeal, and complaint. It also deals with NIDA employees who violate their study leave contracts, collect facts and evidence for legal proceedings, as well as handling liabilities for wrongful acts of NIDA personnel. .   

- Legal Affairs Team: This section assumes responsible for reviewing/revising legal drafts, pondering and judging legal issues, drawing up contracts and other legal documents, and dealing with other assignments.

- General Affairs Unit: This section takes charge of plan preparations, budget, finance and accounting, personnel, materials, meeting documents, printing, and other support tasks.  


          Currently, the Discipline Team and Legal Affairs Team consist of six people, four of whom are in a tenured post while the other two positions remain vacant. Details are as follows: 

- Head of Discipline Sectionand Legal Affairs Section is Mr. Suphan Plai-mas, Legal Officer, Level 7. 

- Staff at Discipline Sectionand Legal Affairs Sectionincludes Ms. Prapassorn Pratumnog and Ms. Pattaraporn Yenbut. Both of them are institute employees in the Legal Officer post. Both of them jointly work for both Discipline Teamand Legal Affairs Team. 

- The General Affairs Section has only one staff member whose name is Ms. Kamolchanok Sukayanee. She is also an institute employee in the position of General Administration Officer.